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In 1977 the influence of punk rock music and subculture became more pervasive, spreading throughout various countries worldwide. It generally took root in local scenes that tended to reject affiliation with the mainstream . In the late 1970s punk experienced its second wave in which acts that were not active during its formative years adopted the style. By the early 1980s, faster and more aggressive subgenres such as hardcore punk (. Minor Threat ), street punk (. the Exploited ), and anarcho-punk (. Crass ) became the predominant modes of punk rock. Musicians identifying with or inspired by punk often later pursued other musical directions, resulting in a broad range of spinoffs, giving rise to genres such as post-punk , new wave and later indie pop , alternative rock , and noise rock . By the 1990s punk rock re-emerged in the mainstream, as pop punk bands such as Green Day and the Offspring brought the genre widespread popularity.

. TURKEY. A Turkish court ordered the release of seven suspects in the trial of 17 journalists and executives from the opposition newspaper Cumhuriyet on Friday 28 July. The Press Emblem Campaign (PEC) welcomes the decision and calls on the Turkish authorities to release all other journalists currently imprisoned. The next hearing is listed for 11 September.  T he trial, which began on Monday 24 July, involved 17 Cumhuriyet journalists and executives wrongfully accused of secretly supporting the PKK – a militant Kurdish organisation and FETO, the group allegedly responsible for last year’s failed coup. The PEC condemned a politically motivated effort to criminalize journalism. The 7 released journalists and executives are Musa Kart, Bülent Utku, Turan Günay, Önder Çelik, Kemal Güngör, Hakan Karasinir and Güray Öz. Following Friday’s decision, journalists Kadri Gürsel, Ahmet Şık, Akin Atalay, Murat Sabuncu and teacher Ahmet Kemal Aydogdu will remain in prison.  Arrest warrants for Can Dündar and Ilhan Tanir remained in place.

Attentat - Attentat LeverAttentat - Attentat LeverAttentat - Attentat LeverAttentat - Attentat Lever