Generic - mutt - hold it back / the big zero

I switched to another live cam, this time on a dock in Port O’Connor, where a row of skiffs bobbed, then rocked, then shanked violently against their pilings. When that feed dropped, I called my mother. She lives in far west Houston, in a two-story house overlooking the upper reaches of Buffalo Bayou. Just a year before she’d watched the bayou crest and swallow a home behind hers. I called once, and she didn’t answer. Then I tried again, and again. Finally she picked up, and she sounded calm. The storm was still distant, making its ominous U-turn back toward Bay City, lining up for its projected recharge on the coast. My mother was getting her nails done.

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Generic - Mutt - Hold It Back / The Big ZeroGeneric - Mutt - Hold It Back / The Big Zero