Dj sks sks cold rock

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It is with a heavy heart that I should give anything on this site a bad review. Unfortunately, this Item is just not dependable. If you are buying it to do plinking, then you may get 8 out of 20 that function flawlessly.
If you are buying this because you think you made need it for self defense, or the defense of others, I must advise you to look elsewhere.
If you buy this you will need to adjust most of the strippers. As most will not securely hold the cartridges in place as they are.
I bought 20 of these to use in the SKS Bandolier. EVERY TIME I inserted a full stripper clip into the Bandolier, rounds fell out.
The only reason I am giving this a 2 star rating, is because I like this website. Otherwise I would rate these stripper clips with a Zero.

DJ Sks SKS Cold Rock