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Keegan-Michael Key as American Ranger, Sgt. Agony

In 1943, Kane left the Batman comic books to focus on penciling the daily Batman newspaper comic strip . [8] DC Comics artists ghosting the comic-book stories now included Jack Burnley and Win Mortimer , with Robinson moving up as penciler and Fred Ray contributing some covers. After the strip finished in 1946, Kane returned to the comic books but, unknown to DC, had hired his own personal ghosts, including Lew Schwartz [18] and Sheldon Moldoff from 1953-1967. [19]

Contrary to popular belief, although the name was chosen as an acknowledgement of the 1940s character, it was not the original intent of the creators for this to be the same character. This link was later established within the series to quickly provide backstory within the limited eight-page structure. [12]

Mark Walker Mark W Azrael