Mushroom's patience - tour 2015 - roots of pain

Oyster mushroom harvesting should occur 3-5 days after you see the first mushrooms begin to form. You are looking for the cap of the largest mushroom in the group to go from turning down at the edges to turning up or flattening out at the edges.

Once you have your materials you are ready to go.  It's best to try to use your coffee grounds relatively soon after picking them up.  If you get them from someplace that makes a lot of espresso type drinks then the grounds will have been steamed so they will be fairly free of contaminants.  The longer they sit around the more likely they are to start getting moldy.  I used grounds from a place that made mostly drip coffee and they seem to work fine.  Coffee grounds seem naturally resistant to contaminants. 

You're going to be mixing some spawn with the coffee grounds in your coffee cup.  You want the grounds to be moist but not wet.  The kind of environment you could picture mushrooms liking.  I find it easiest to add the grounds I'm going to be using to a bowl and moisten it all at once.  It makes it easier to tell if things are too wet. 

Fill your coffee cup about 1/3 full of your wet grounds.  Then break off some of your mushroom spawn from the block and crumble it up into the cup.  You want to add around an equal amount of spawn and mix it with the grounds pretty thoroughly (I find a chopstick works well for this).  Then simply fill the cup the rest of the way with moist grounds, pack it down lightly, and replace the plastic sippy top and label the cup with the date.

Mushroom's Patience - Tour 2015 - Roots Of PainMushroom's Patience - Tour 2015 - Roots Of PainMushroom's Patience - Tour 2015 - Roots Of PainMushroom's Patience - Tour 2015 - Roots Of Pain