The felice brothers - country ham

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There are a million points of light to the music of The Felice Brothers and one of the intriguing ones is their clever way of sandwiching the stories of these penniless dudes and their troubles with such witty intelligence. The men that they live with in their songs are savants - loyal and smart - though they've got so little to show for it. They aren't happy and they aren't unhappy, but they can be both and they probably couldn't live without the two balancing, or the unhappiness actually giving them more satisfaction, as twisted as that might seem. They don't know what love really is, or could be, but they find romantic notions in some of the oddest places - "The Burger King billboard sign reminds me of her mother's eyes" - that it feels as if they could figure it out whenever they damn well pleased. It's always what tears us - when the out is within grasp - but the choice is not to hold it. The exhausted and suffering Felice Brothers know this is where the stimulus comes from.

Their music takes on American imagery. They sing of American landscapes, American people, American ideologies and have been known to play American traditionals. Their musical style evokes a sense of "folk" however their stage presence is something much more energetic. A favorite to watch on whichever instrument is James Felice. The soul he pours into that accordion is an intimacy I've rarely witnessed from any other live musician. Even sitting behind the keyboards you can tell that the instruments are a part of him.


The Felice Brothers - Country HamThe Felice Brothers - Country HamThe Felice Brothers - Country HamThe Felice Brothers - Country Ham