Sad brad smith - magic

Stephen talks about the total BS finish to the Steelers v. Pats game last night, and talks about Jerry Richardson being forced to sell the Panthers.

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Just before animals hibernate, they experience a spike in the activity of their parasympathetic nervous system, which slows their heart rate and decreases their body temperature and metabolic rate. Austen found a similar parasympathetic response in people with SAD.

This unapologetically dorky novelty band — best known for such cannabis-fueled tunes as ‘Touch my Tooter’ and ‘Push th’ little Daisies’ – are fairly unlikely candidates to contribute to this list of tear duct openers. Add to that the awkward fact that ‘She wanted to leave’ is about a pirate having his long-time captive stolen from him and you’d be right to question my sanity for including it. But who knows, maybe this tale of kidnapping on the high seas is really just a metaphor for the enslavement of the human spirit and the unleashing of —

Sad Brad Smith - MagicSad Brad Smith - MagicSad Brad Smith - MagicSad Brad Smith - Magic